Game Object Guide

Game Object Box!

There are a ton of objects in the game that Beta can create and interact with. This page will do its best to identify and describe each of them!



Platforms are the most basic static objects. They are not affected by physics and only move when targeted by CodePop.

Moving Platform


Moving Platforms are like platforms, except they can move! You can make a moving platform travel between two points by using the set command to manipulate the startX, startY, endX and endY properties.



Crates are the most basic dynamic objects. They move freely and react to the game world's physics.


ball blueBall redBall

Balls are just like crates except round instead of rectangular!



Boosts are non-solid objects that propel Beta when touched. Boosts are absolute, meaning that the magnitude and angle of Beta's velocity will always be set to the strengh and angle of the boost, respectively.



Impulses are non-solid objects that propel Beta when touched... Wait that sounds just like the Boost! The difference here is that Impulses are additive, meaning that the Impulse's strength and angle are added to the magnitude and angle of Beta's velocity, respectively.



Springs are solid objects that make other objects bounce away when hit with enough speed. The amount of bounciness is dependent upon the spring's bounce property.



Spikes are objects that normally kill Beta when touched! Watch out for these!



Turrets are semi-intelligent objects that can shoot other objects. The target property determines what the turret will shoot at.



The Spawn determines where Beta spawns when the level starts, after Beta dies, or after the spawn command is used. Currently, every level has one spawn, and spawns cannot be created or removed. the Spawn can be moved by using the level set command to manipulate the spawnX and spawnY properties



Memory pieces are pickups that Beta can collect on his various adventures! What happens when you get some memory? That is up to the game maker!



Signs hold messages that display when Beta touches them. Use the set command to change the message property in order to make a sign say what you want it too!



Doors take Beta to new places! Use the set command to manipulate the level and creator properties in order to determine where a door goes!


portalA portalB portalC portalD portalE portalF

When you add a Portal to your game, you get two objects, a Portal and a PortalExit. When Beta touches a portal, he is warped to the portal's exit. If the twoWay property is set to true, Beta can also use the exit to warp back to the portal!



Magnets function as a grappling hook for Beta and other actors. Currently, magnets cannot be created or destroyed, and every actor has one by default. You can determine whether or not an actor can use their magnet by using the set command to set the canGrapple property of the actor to true or false.


bullet blackBullet

Bullets are fast-moving(normally) objects that are shot by other objects like actors and turrets.

Extra Skins

blueBlock boom greyBlock pinkBlock redBlock skyBlock switchOff switchOn yellowBlock

In addition to these pre-defined objects, there are a number of extra skins in the game that you are encouraged to use as you see fit!