The Ultimate Platform Game Creator

Play as Beta to experience the transformation from player to creator!

Beta is an open game world that allows players to easily play, create and share games. Play as Beta to learn how to use code to manipulate the world’s objects and properties using a simple programming language called CodePOP. Beta is designed for anyone 10 and up, with or without previous programming and design expertise. It is an immersive experience that allows players to straddle the line between gamer and developer.

  Play to Learn

Browse games made by Team Beta and other players from around the world. These games will show you the ropes.

  Code to Create

Once you get a handle on the world, start to create your own custom platformer.

  Share Online

Once you've created your game, share it with your friends.

Getting Started


Program Beta using a "tweet-Sized" programming language designed for ease of use, speed and instant feedback.

We created this program to fill a need. To make game coding fast and fun! -- Learn More

Instant Feedback

There is no need to 'compile'. Just type your CODE in press enter and've got your result.

Object Oriented

Learn how to think like a coder. Learn about objects, data types, events and more.

Code Creativity

Coding isn't just about arbitrary numbers and crazy symbols. It's about critical thinking and creativity.

Gaming or Coding

Beta blurs the lines between when you are playing and creating. Coding should always be this fun.

Friendly Errors

Beta is your friend. No more rude geeky computer language that you don't understand.

Workshops and Classes

Beta is designed to support self-driven learning. Through their relationship with Beta, students will engage STEM and computer science concepts in a fun way. While Beta can be played alone, it is best experienced in a community! Our curriculum provides educators with the structure needed to unleash the programmer within their students. Learn More


Team Beta has spent the last year teaching people how to design games from scratch using Beta, across the US and internationally. The team has hosted its own game jams with hundreds of attendees, and worked with organizations such as the National Society of Black Engineers, NYC Lab School, Reboot Stories, Black Girls Code, and more.

Bring Beta to your organization

We work with educators and organizations to privide the right experience for your audience. Don't hesitate.

We focus on developing experiences that enable creativity and empower players to become creators.

We are a New York based gaming company of techie go-getters on a mission to use gaming to change the world… and have fun while doing it! If that sounds good to you. Give us a shout @BetaTheRobot

Errol King

Founder, Creative Director

Chris Moody

Founder, Chief Architect

Patrice King

Founder, Operations and Education

Robbie Davis

Lead Audio Engineer

Christian Howard

Narrative Design Lead

Beta the Robot

Robot in Residence